Tourists swarm to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas attracts visitors from all over the world. Usually they arrive by car or plane but thousands of recent visitors have just flown in under their own steam.

The lights of Las Vegas seem to be enticing grasshoppers to visit

They are grasshoppers.

Usually plagues of grasshoppers, locusts and similar insects come from Africa or crop belts around the world but what in the world are grasshoppers doing in the gambling capital of the US?

In particular, why are they attracted to the Luxor Hotel and the Best Western Plus Casino Royale? Is it because grasshoppers and locusts regularly denude crops in Egypt and they took a wrong turning confusing Luxor, Las Vegas with Luxor, Egypt? Have they been bitten by the gambling bug (sorry about the pun) and fancy a flutter at the tables?  Could it be the heat since for most of the week the temperature will be above 38 degrees and last Monday it was 44, the hottest day of the year in the city this year.

It seems that the neon lights are attracting the insects so does that mean that at lights-out they will fly away? They haven’t left the city yet and local media reports suggest they will be around for a few weeks longer. And it is a fairly regular occurrence for the insects to appear every few years, hang around for a while at the tables and move on. Just like any other tourist really!

Enter the tourism industry.

Las Vegas has always had a pretty savvy bunch of people anxious to persuade you to holiday in the city and they must be working overtime to take advantage of the visit by the insects. But that doesn’t seem to the case. Where are the stories luring us to visit local wildlife or to enjoy tasty chocolate coated, roasted grasshoppers? With the world-wide coverage of the invasion, surely this is an opportunity that they should grab?

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