A bumper year for staycations?

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Given Brexit, the decline of the pound against the euro and the dollar as well as the UK having had some decent weather in the past few months, I had been expectating that this would be a good year for the home holiday industry.

the Devon countryside – a poular destination for walkers, hikers and other staycationists but is accommodation still available at this late stage?

That may not be the case.

Yes, forecasters have suggested it could be a good year and many travel associations have suggested the same but if it is going to be a good year, then it may be patchy.

Talking to one B&B owner owning four properties, I was told that that there was not a single booking for August. Another had just one. Given that these properties are in an area where tourism is a mainstay of the local economy along with agriculture this seemed surprising. Was it similar elsewhere?

I had no difficulty in finding B&B and guesthouse accommodation for August in any part of our countries. Some places were completely full, others had just a few dates left but rooms there were a plenty.

There are a couple of ways that this completely unscientific study might be assessed.

The first – and probably the only one of interest to staycationists – is that there are rooms, cottages and places available and that it shouldn’t be necessary to have to fork out high prices. Admittedly some very popular places may be full or very near full but somewhere nearby is unlikely not to have last-minute accommodation available.

The second is that my sample is completely wrong and that it will be a bumper year for domestic tourism.

The third is that many more properties have come on to the market – perhaps prompted by stories about how much money people have made by those placing their accommodation on Airbnb –  and that supply outstrips demand despite an increase in availability.

Finally, it is possible that this won’t be such a great year (but still a good one) for a staycations after all as people have decided to see an overseas holiday before Brexit comes to pass at the end of October.

Which of the four is the answer? We’ll only know after summer is over.

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