The “reward” for fraudulent claims – 12 months!

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Brian Cromby who ran a holiday sickness claims company called RTA Solutions was gaoled for twelve months last week after pleading guilty to making fraudulent sickness claims.

In a sting organised by The Mail on Sunday, he boasted to journalists that he could make people money by claiming for sickness whilst on holiday.

But there are features of this case that are surely worthy of further investigation.

The first is why only twelve months in prison. Is not what is needed a harsher sentence to act as a deterrent to others especially since Cromby had set himself up as claims agent supposedly to assist others who had legitimate claims?

The second is that Cromby was exposed in May 2016 by the newspaper yet it has taken three years to get to this sentencing. Why so long? Can’t justice run faster?

A former travel company senior executive charged with fraud will now only face court in 2020 despite the fact that charges go back to 2017. The Lord Chancellor’s office needs to consider making it easier and faster for cases to come to trial so that the innocent have the cloud above them lifted faster and that culprits found to have broken the law are sentenced quicker.

The third is that Cromby was paid a retainer by firms of solicitors to pass claims cases to them. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) last year was investigating eighteen law firms to see if they had breached the rules and it issued a notice to all solicitors. In the report just issued by the SRA, it says that the number of solicitors being referred to them for investigating is dropping.

That could be because the law has been altered so that holiday sickness claims brought under the Package Travel Regulations limit defence costs and therefore help deter bogus claims. You could argue that the scam has now been defeated.

In the meantime, the gaoling of Mr Cromby should be a warning to all others who might consider fraudulent claims.

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