Great customer satisfaction levels and being big?

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Recently I took to task the magazine Which? for its survey of package holiday providers.

Jet 2

My moan was that the eleven companies upon which responders were to pass judgement omitted some big players.

One big company that I confess I was surprised to see included was Jet2Holidays. This Leeds based tour operator has grown rapidly over the years and is now one of the biggest tour operators in the UK. Two years ago it had a million customers a year. Now it is the second largest tour operator in the UK and is bonded for more than 3.8 million holidaymakers.

But it is also still heavily biased geographically with customers in the south west and Wales, for example, having to travel some distance to use the services. The opportunities for expansion at airports and in regions where it has little current impact within the UK are still substantial.

Being as large as it is would suggest that it would do poorly in any survey of how people rate it. That is the case you normally find with big tour operators, big airports, big retailers and so on.

The company had performed very well in the Which? survey where responders, I am guessing, are not necessarily the natural bookers of Jet2Holidays.

It came second top in the survey with people generally praising the company and some pointing out that Thomas Cook and TUI should look to their laurels.

Maybe it will not surprise some because in 2017 it was the top performing travel business in the annual Institute of Customer Service index.

It is also the exception to the comment I made earlier about big companies; generally they don’t perform as well as smaller ones do in surveys of this kind.

To have done so, suggests that the company has found a happy marriage between being big, respected and performing well in the eyes of its customers. I can’t recall a travel company of such a size achieving this since the days of British Caledonian!

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