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In June, a passenger on-board a Jet 2 flight from Stansted to Dalaman in Turkey attempted to open the aircraft doors during the flight and displayed a “catalogue of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behaviour” before being restrained by staff and passengers, according to the airline.

jet 2 -very unfriendly toward unruly passenger behaviour!

The pilot turned the plane back to Stansted where the woman was arrested on suspicion of common assault, criminal damage and endangering an aircraft.

The airline has sent her a bill for £85,000 to cover the extra expenses incurred by the airline which I take to be additional fuel costs, possible staff costs if the cabin crew were nearing the end of their shifts, extra food and drinks perhaps for the passengers and any charges Stansted might have charged for the unplanned landing.

Escorting the plane back to Stansted were two RAF Typhoons. Perhaps the lady concerned, should be charged the costs of the fuel, the wages of the RAF crews and any associated costs from the Ministry of Defence. I can’t see the £85,000 covering that as well.

The airline also issued a lifetime ban to the woman.

Jet 2 has been one of the most vociferous airlines in trying to stamp out bad – and in the case of this woman, it appears, absolutely stupid  – behaviour. How drunk or idiotic must you be to want to open cabin doors whilst the plane is flying?

This is yet another case of appalling behaviour. Usually incidents are just unpleasant for both passengers and crew. In this case, the actions by the woman were downright dangerous. What would have happened if she had succeeded in opening the door? Injured or even dead passengers and the crashing of a plane?

The charges she faces seem minor compared to what she might have achieved. How about a charge of attempted manslaughter?  

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