Miravalles Volcano National Park

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Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Britons. It isn’t going to rival Spain or Portugal for visitor numbers but amongst those who want an exotic beach destination, adventure holiday destination or one linked to the environment then country can be a good choice.

Miravalles Volcano National Park

The country has just announced the creation of their 29th national park – the Miravalles Volcano National Park-Jorge Manuel Dengo. That is a bit of a mouthful but it does combine telling what its key attraction is along with a tribute to a Costa Rican who was not only an advocate of national parks but who, in 1964, founded what became the national damage planning authority in order to deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions.

Miravalles was already a protected area but the new status is because of the addition of a part of the north-western region of Guanacaste.

The new national park is nearly 5,000 hectares and features some of Costa Rica’s biggest geothermal fields.

The additional of a 29th park means that Costa Rica’s protected areas now encompass more than 25% of its land mass, more than any other country in the world. In comparison, the UK is about five times the size of Costa Rica but has just ten parks.

The attractions of the park are the area’s biophysical features, natural resources and potential for environmental research and education. Jaguars, big cats, ocelots, cougars and tapirs are some of the species that can be found in the National Park, whose sights are dominated by Miravalles Volcano. Standing at 6,654 feet, it is the tallest volcano in the Guanacaste mountain range and generates an abundance of geothermal energy. The thermal hot springs are one of the most popular attractions is the area of the park.

For the international visitor, the attraction of this park is that Guanacaste is just 30 miles away from Liberia International Airport. That small and uncongested airport is served by TUI Airlines from Gatwick and KLM via Amsterdam making the park very accessible for British and Irish visitors.

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