Ireland – open for business

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This year, Ireland is spending €7m to encourage Britons to holiday in Ireland. Spending that amount of money on just promoting to one country might seem excessive but it does underline how important the British market is to the Republic.

A Dublin pub. One of the visitor attractions is the hospitality to be found in pubs throughout the Republic.

It is using the slogan “Ireland is still open for business” to front the campaign which seems odd given that the slogan almost wants to tell us that Britons might have forgotten that the country was there or that it had closed down!

In an interview with the Irish Independent, the head of tourism for the island or Ireland, Niall Gibbons, said that the tourism industry there could lose €390m a year if Britons suddenly stayed away. I assume he means that the Republic would lose that sum but how much might Northern Ireland lose?

The Irish Examiner reported that Gibbons was concerned about the fall of sterling as it affected the Republic in two ways. The decline meant that Britons would find it more expensive to visit countries in the Eurozone so they might stay at home instead of going to the Republic. The converse is that because the pound is weak, holidaymakers from Europe might visit the UK rather than Ireland as it would be cheaper for them!

Brexit said Gibbons was still the biggest challenge for Irish tourism and hinted that the longer the problem existed the longer that Ireland would be affected. If, for example, an extension was given to the October 31st deadline, then Brexit could impact on Irish tourism figures for the winter and even spring.

Although tourism figures from the UK were up in the first five months of the year, numbers dipped in May but then the number of Europeans visiting also dipped.

Ireland will be hoping that the May figures were just a blip and that visitor numbers from both the Uk and continental Europe will continue to grow.

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