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Barely a couple of weeks after the consultancy firm, OAG, listed the punctuality rates of airlines, the PA News Agency has published its list of airlines and the average number of minutes late that flights were.

For the last ten years, Just about Travel has run these stories thinking that our readers would like to know which airlines they could reasonably think would be on time.

We were wrong. We might not be wrong in thinking that readers would like to know which is the most punctual and which is the worst but we were wrong in believing that we should run the story.

Why? Because it shouldn’t affect the way that passengers should look at airlines. Whether the data be from the CAA (in the case of PA News Agency) or OAG the information given is history. It only shows what did happen, not what will happen.

Vueling – an airline owned by IAG which also has BA, Aer Lingus and Iberia in its stable – was the worst performing airline in the PA list. On average, PA said they were 31 minutes late. Vueling did not appear in the OAG table at all because inclusion was self-selecting rather than compulsory. The argument that Vueling put forward was that it had been beset by industrial action. That was true.

Because it is headquartered at Barcelona it was disproportionately disrupted by strikes there.

If we look at Vueling’s position in the preceding year as examined by PA, it was in third place. Wizz which was the most unpunctual in 2017 was in third place this year.

That Vueling was unpunctual last year does not necessarily mean that it will be in a similar state this summer. It all depends on what strikes (if any) take place, what air traffic problems occur and how airports manage their incoming and outgoing flights. The most punctual this year – Cathay Pacific -might be the worst this summer

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