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I am intrigued by the fact that TUI has opened an outlet (the technical jargon is an “implant”) inside a Next store in The Moor – a Sheffield shopping centre.

Would shops like these in Lichfield be the place for a pop-up heritage tours travel company?

Next probably appeals more to younger age groups and those with young children so, since the TUI implant claims to be “fresh, modern look’ with booth-style seating so customers can see their holiday plans on the big screen” may be a good fit in terms of the audience it want to attract to become customers. It even has a “Welcome Bar” to greet customer but not, presumably, with a G&T or a Rum Cocktail although the latter might be appropriate of Caribbean holidays were being promoted.

It got me to thinking.

With Virgin Holidays having implants in some Debenhams’ stores and Kuoni in John Lewis, I wondered whether those stores reflect Virgin and Kuoni’s existing customers or the ones they want to attract?

What travel group, for example, would fit best of all in an Aldi, a Clark’s or a Wynn’s Garden Centre? Could a pop-up tour operator survive in a Starbucks or an Apple store?

If you produced trekking holidays or adventure related ones then an implant in a Cotswold Outdoor store a Clark’s shoe store or even a Millets seems obvious. The Army and Navy might seem appropriate for a tour operator selling battlefield visits. Until you realise the stores have nothing whatever to do with the military anymore. Would a Gregg’s be the right place for a tour operator specialising in foodie holidays? OK –Perhaps not!

But what about those that aren’t so seemingly clear?

What about Tesco’s or Asda. Is that the location for a pop-up Thomas Cook or TUI since they cater for a wide market? What about Marks & Spencer? Is that a Kuoni, Hayes and Jarvis or an Abercrombie and Kent type of shopper who goes there?

Students have their own travel chain – STA –  and older people have Saga but comedians make too many jokes – Stannah Stairlifts being one of them – so I want go into where best to position a Saga pop-up store?

And before my imagine runs too wild, I make no suggestion on which travel group should operate an implant in Boots, Specsavers or a Poundshop!

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