Boosting the UK economy by £40 billion

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This is the sum that has been calculated by Travelodge based on recent research it has commissioned.

Travelodge – a company benefitting from staycations

Why so large?

Because it says that 69% of Britons will have a staycations this year. That isn’t to say that they won’t have an overseas holiday this year; many will have two – one overseas break and a UK staycation whilst others will stay at home to enjoy what has been forecast by some meteorologists as a summer with some hot breaks.

The research suggests that those taking a staycation will be spending on average £874 on a week’s holiday.

Part of that spending will be because the same research points to the fact that about two-thirds of holidaymakers forget to pack a couple of items that they need and will, consequently, have to buy them.

Travelodge says that holidaymakers will spend an average £35 replacing items they have left at home and that could account for £1 billion. Should that figure be added to the £40 billion?

What are these expensive items that we forget and which will help so much money into local economies?

Apparently it includes toothbrushes, phone chargers, sunglasses, perfume and aftershave, swimwear, sandals, toiletries, books, toys for the children, umbrellas (which with luck will never need to be opened) and sun screen.   

The report also revealed Britons will spend on average £142 on new purchases for their holiday such as clothing, shoes, accessories, sunglasses or even a gadget. 

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