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Yesterday The Times ran a story highlighting a problem with some travel insurance policies. That was picked up by the travel press during the day and they dug a little deeper.  (I won’t provide a link to the story since you will only be able to read it if you have a subscription to the digital edition)

Look at travel insurance policies closely for what medical cover you have

The Spanish Association of Private Hospitals announced that they were seeing more Britons coming into their clinics seeking medical assistance but with travel policies which did not cover them for treatment in privately run places. As it stands, Britons –as the UK is still part of the EU – are entitled to treatment only at state-run clinics.

The Association said that up to 800 Britons a day have been seeking treatment at private clinics yet their policies do not entitle them to this. It says that those who have received private treatment are having to pay – on average – about €4,000.

A spokesman was even blunter pointing out that it seemed to be a British problem rather than from elsewhere and he said that “a few dodgy operators have found a great money-spinner” because they are charging less than those who are providing cover for private medical support.

The Association has reported fifteen British insurers to the Financial Conduct Authority since 2016 but the FCA has not announced any prosecutions or warnings in the last three years based on the knowledge passed to them.

Surely by now it should have some results. A quick phone call to them resulted in them referring to ongoing investigations and not being able to say anything.

If passengers are being fleeced – and it looks as though that is the case – then we should be warned and the FCA should remove the licences of those offending insurance companies.

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