Jodrell Bank

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Two years ago the Lake District was given UNESCO World Heritage site status. This year a man-made construction – Jodrell Bank in Cheshire – has also been given that same, august status.

Eight years ago, Cathrene visited Jodrell Bank on behalf of Just about Travel when the visitor centre opened in April 2011. I’ll not bother to repeat her description; you can read that by clicking here.

At that time Cathrene said Jodrell Bank received about 80,000 visitors per year. Today the number is over 150,000 and the status as the UK’s 32nd, World Heritage Site should encourage many more people to visit.

At just 62 years old, the radio telescope complex that is widely known as Jodrell Bank ( named after a geographic feature)  is rather young for a heritage site. For a cutting edge- scientific site it is rather old so. The significance of the site is that the £650,000 radio astronomy dish (what would it cost today?) was able to track space shots and was often the first means of contact.

To those growing up in the 1959’s and 1960’s, the huge dish was a known television feature so we probably knew more about it than the younger generation of today. It was referenced on Dr Who and many other science fiction programmes and it along with its instigator – Sir Bernard Lovell – became household names.

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