Garuda beats European airlines for punctuality

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Virgin plane in flight
Virgin Atlantic is the most punctual British and Irish airline in the OAG analysis

Yesterday, Just about Travel considered the punctuality tables issued by OAG for airports.

The company also looked at airlines and does not produce happy reading for those in the UK or Ireland. No airline achieved a four star status let alone a five star one.

The best that could be achieved was by Virgin Atlantic which managed three stars based on an accumulated score of 79.2. In comparison the highest rated airline score was 91.6 and that was achieved by Garuda – the Indonesian airline.

As I pointed out yesterday, not all airlines take part so it is by no means a convincing statement to say that Virgin was the best and X was the worst. Without having information on those missing airlines it is impossible to be precise. Some of those missing airlines include Flybe, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Vueling and Loganair, substantial players in the UK and Irish market. In fact only Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, EasyJet were listed and all managed that middle of the road status of three stars.

Norwegian which flies from many UK airports and which is registered as an Irish airline also gained three stars.

The only European airline to gather five stars was a little Spanish one called Binter which those who travel to the Canary Islands might know. This is not a great achievement for European based airlines and it must be asked as to why they have such punctuality records. Nothing much annoys passengers than tardiness. Could it be the very busy skies over Europe that are contributing to the lack of punctuality? Are airlines trying to make every profit that they can cut back so much that they are too lean? Whatever the answer is it appears that Asian based airlines before much better. You could argue that skies are crowded there too.

Maybe Garuda – once a derided airline – can show European airlines how they manage such punctuality!

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