At the summer solstice

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As we are at the time of the year when we see the longest days, it is easy to wonder why we should holiday abroad when the weather is pretty good in most part of the British Isles. Next week, forecasters say, the temperature could reach 31 degrees.

Bodrum in Turkey will be a popular destination this summer but there aren’t that many bargains left in Turkey

We might be happy about this but travel agents and tour operators aren’t.

They would prefer to see the rain that happened earlier in the week and the thunderstorms that are forecast for Sunday. When bad weather hits, so goes the travel mantra, people think and then book a holiday overseas. They look for a place where sunshine is almost guaranteed.

The problem that they still have is the same that has existed since Easter. There are too many of us that haven’t yet booked an overseas holiday.

Tour operators have too many holidays left on their books which is why – if you dig around – you will still find bargains.

Unlike last year, you can find the odd bargain in Spain. Greece still offers good deals in places but there are fewer in Turkey as too many of us have moved our holidays from the Western Mediterranean countries to the east.

The online travel agent, On the Beach, says that Dubai is the fastest growing summer destination amongst their customers but summer in the Middle East is hot. Very hot, and that won’t appeal to many. But there pretty good deals in places like Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah compared to prices elsewhere.

Another destination considered to be a winter location for holidaymakers that has leapt up the On the Beach list is Barbados. Cuba also has some deals on offer now that the American government has closed the island down to American holidaymakers.

Spain will still be the most popular destination this summer and it would take an seismic change for us to alter our habits. Brexit, the fall in the pound and doubt s about the future have not deterred all of us so the popular spots are likely to – after Spain –  Greece, Turkey, Portugal, North Africa and Cyprus.

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