Re-opening Sri Lanka

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The Foreign Office has removed its advice on not travelling to Sri Lanka suggesting that the increased security which has been introduced by the Sri Lankan authorities has been sufficient to make it reverse its advice on not travelling to the country.

Sri Lanka elephants; one of the many reasons holidaymakers spend time in the country

Readers will remember that the terrorist attacks at Easter targeted hotels widely used by overseas visitors as well as Christian churches.

Smaller tour operators will probably be able to introduce holidays faster than the large operators but potential holidaymakers should be able to book tours fairly quickly.

Having said that, the Foreign Office also points out that curfews are likely to be a feature of life in some parts of Sri Lanka for a while to come as might be rules on wearing clothing that obscures the face.

You are also advised to allow extra time for going through security at airports and other pinch-points such as ports and at some hotels.

Curfews are not necessarily respectful of airline timetables but in this case the Sri Lankan authorities have made an exception. Passengers with passports and a valid flight ticket be it paper or electronic can travel to the airport during curfew periods.

As might be expected, the Foreign Office reminds holidaymakers that a terrorist outrage might occur again so it advises anyone holidaying there to be wary and vigilant.

The lifting of the ban on travelling to Sri Lanka has come within months of the terrorist incident. Travellers might wonder to themselves in their philosophical moments why this has come about so quickly when re-establishing travel to Tunisia took so long and why travelling to parts of Egypt is still embargoed.

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