What triggers holiday feelings?

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From our largest tour operator, TUI, comes some intriguing research that they commissioned from University College London’s Affective Brain Lab.

llansteffan beach
Is it feeling sand on your toes that triggers a holiday feeling?

It suggests that it takes an average of just 43 hours for holidaymakers to hit the peak of that ‘holiday feeling’ while on a trip but that, on returning home, that holiday feeling disappears after just four days.  .

The research also helped compile a list of what TUI calls the key triggers that cause the biggest holiday feelings. These are;

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin
Stepping off the plane and feeling that wave of heat
Exploring the local area
Spending quality time with family and friends
Hearing the ocean
Soaking up a picture-perfect view
Not having to worry about day to day chores, like cooking and cleaning
Booking your holiday
Swimming in the clear blue sea
Having dinner with a sea view
Seeing your hotel room for the first time
Watching the sunset
Having your first swim in the pool
Looking at the weather report and seeing 100% sun
Trying new foods
Packing your suitcase
Feeling of sand between your toes
Checking in at the hotel
Discovering a new culture
Smelling the salty sea air
Having a drink at the airport
Taking your first sip of a holiday cocktail, like a pina colada or mojito
Researching where to go on holiday
Smelling your sun cream
Getting ready for dinner or evening activities
Booking a holiday excursion or trip
Checking in to your flight online
Putting your out of office on
Checking your holiday countdown clock – on an app or email
Having an ice-cream

If all of these are triggers, which ones spur you?

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