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Last year, Just about Travel mentioned that Norwegian was going to operate a direct service from Gatwick to the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires.

La Boca, Buenos Aires

Such has been the popularity of the flight that the service now operates every day. That popularity is reflected in the upsurge of British visitors to the city – up 31% in just one year. Nonetheless just 54,000 of us out of the 2.7 million international tourists that the city receives were from the UK. We have a long way to catch up with the top countries from which visitors come; Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, the US, Colombia, Spain, Peru, and Italy.

For the British visitor, once you have got used to the fact that the flight is long (13 hours) the next impact is that hotels are comparatively cheap. That is because there are so many and the occupancy rate is less than 60% meaning that for every ten rooms available each night, only six are filled. To encourage you to stay will one hotel rather than another, most hotels are competitively priced. It is worth building a package of flight and hotel yourself because it can be done more cheaply than some of the package tour operators provide.

The ruling administration in Buenos Aires says that tourism is “a fundamental driver of the growth and development of Buenos Aires. In 2018, it amounted to 3% of Buenos Aires Gross Geographic Product (GGP).” In English that means that they want more of us to visit because we are good for the local economy.

A tourist bus operation to promote competition and provide a higher quality of service has already been introduced. Improvements include Wi-Fi and electrical device charging stations, as well as video surveillance cameras for the added safety of its passengers.

With the increase in tourism and being anxious to spread the benefits throughout the whole of Buenos Aires and not just to keep it in a few, increasingly busy attractions, the city is working on a plan to encourage tourists to explore any of its 48 neighbourhoods to be able to see for themselves an ‘authentic’ experience.

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