Vilnius in 1,969 steps

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Apparently, according to the local tourist board, it only takes 1,969 steps to take in the main sightseeing attractions of the old town in Vilnius!

the old town in Vilnius.

The number may seem small, but the UNESCO listed old town in the Lithuanian capital is one of the most walkable in Europe. That makes it attractive to sightseers be they there on a city or short breaks, an excursion from a cruise ship or for a longer touring holiday.

But the whole city of Vilnius is also easily walked as it is one of the most compact cities ( as are many that were settled in mediaeval times) in Europe.

Go Vilnius, the city’s official development agency, has compiled a list of 23 new walking routes for travellers to explore on their own. Filled with commentaries, approximate walking times and even step counts, the Walkable Vilnius website is available for everyone planning their trip.

The advantage for the visitor is that you don’t have to join a group at an early time of the morning to wander through the town. You can set from your hotel at whatever time you choose.

These days, the escorted tour with a regimented approach to how long you spend at each point of interest may be of waning interest. More seem to prefer the ability to self-regulate their wanderings so that if something interests them they can spend longer and anything of less interested can be skirted past.

walking in the grounds of the palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania

If you want to walk along the river bank, you’ll probably walk between 6,000 and 7,000 steps; visit a few of the 65 churches in the city or the monasteries and you will still walk about half as many.

The 23 routes are themed to make it easier for people to decide which they might prefer. Select from one that is geared for families or one taking in the cultural or the green areas of the city. Because of the architecture of the old town and the rest of the city, many visitors might opt for the historical walk but bear in mind, whilst the city is small, there are a lot of sights to see.

Images © Go Vilnius

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