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I will probably annoy many hoteliers when I say that I find most of them pretty much the same.

the beginning of the journey

I have awakened in many hotel rooms and I would be hard pressed, looking around the room, to tell you where I was. I am sure that some chains have the same bed linen and chairs right across their chain and even rival chains have the same style as their rivals.

Making a hotel stand out takes a little effort and there aren’t many that I can think of that achieve this feat.

My small, select group (everybody will have their own views) can now be joined by the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam.


Because it will have a full size, ex-KLM jumbo jet parked in its grounds.

At the moment, the plane is sitting at Schipol Airport. Starting tomorrow evening (February 5th) the Boeing 747 will be towed across 17 ditches, a highway and one local road to the hotel. In all, the short journey will take just over four days as it can only be moved at night. The 150 ton plane which was formerly known as the City of Bangkok, will be converted into the Corendon Boeing 747 Experience and will open its doors to visitors towards the end of this year.

Corendon haven’t announced what the “experience” will be but given that it is a tour operator, airline company and hotel chain it might well be a look at travel throughout he ages.

Why am I telling you this now, months before it opens? So that you can look out for it on the news bulletins.

Because when the plane starts being moved news journalists will be broadcasting the movements of the plane as it fits the bill for being one of those quirky little stories that they like to us to end their broadcasts with. It should be quite a sight to see

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