Starting the year with a bang

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Unlike many forecasts it looks like the booking season for holidays has started very positively.

The doubts of Brexit and the pound seem to been insignificant compared to the desire for a holiday. Travel Counsellors says it saw a 17% jump is ales on Blue Monday compared to the same day last year and GfK, the research company that monitors travel agency sales, says that there has been a 5% increase in bookings compared to the same time last year. In addition there is 19% increase in bookings to non-EU destinations like Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt. Other countries that are doing well include Bulgaria and Malta with Malta being the only euro denominated country included. That isn’t to say that Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Italy are doing badly it is just that they sell so many holidays that any percentage increases would be likely to be small compared  those destinations that haven’t fared as successfully over the years.

From a quick trawl through our local travel agencies they also tell me that bookings are up.

Is it the cold and dour conditions that are tempting people to book for warmer places, Brexit or just a general feeling about holidays? The answer is that we don’t know.

Travel Counsellors said it has seen a 20% rise in customer enquiries for destinations that offer physical or mental wellbeing activities. It also said that self-care, long-haul holidays to the Indian Ocean were the bestselling destinations on Blue Monday, with Mauritius and Sri Lanka amongst the top 10, alongside Dubai and Barbados.

If the tail end of January matches the first few weeks, travel bosses are going to be happy

yasmine Marina in Tunisia. This year, Tunisia will see a big influx of British holidaymakers
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