Blue Monday

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On this, Blue Monday – the day which we are supposed to be most depressed – travel companies are urging us to look at sunny, hot destinations for either our summer holidays or a quick break now.

Waves on a beach seem to be the most evocative sound

Quite why it should be today rather than tomorrow or next week I have never understood because the formula created by Sky Travel all those years ago is unfathomable to me.

What I do understand is that when we have a cold snap as we are likely to have this week, it does make people longingly think of warm weather and a break away from the cold. That is unless you are an avid snow-sports fan who travel in search of the perfect snow.

Heathrow has undertaken some research which suggests that over half of us can be transported back to our summer holidays by just hearing the sound of waves on the beach. Apparently, waves on a beach (46%), the splash of a swimming pool (32%), the noise of a crackling open fire was rated highly (32%) babies laughing (31%), rain against a window (30%) and a dramatic thunderstorm (23%) have topped the list of sounds that help transport Brits to holidays, inspiring nearly half of travellers to book a getaway. A plane taking off only inspired 21% of people to book

So what has the airport done? It has developed Soundscape (, to help us feel like we need to get away. All Brit’s need to get away is a pair of headphones! In conjunction with Nick Ryan, the sound artist, the airport has created over thirty sounds from thirteen  different locations all of which  should – in the words of the airport – “powerfully transporting listeners to sunnier climes at the gloomiest time of the year.”

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