Remember the “One Too Many” campaign

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Bottle shaped One Too Many campaign

the logo of the current One Too Many campaign

This was the name to a campaign to encourage responsible drinking during the summer when millions of us fly on holiday.

Over the Christmas period about 4.5 million in the UK and millions more in Ireland and the rest of Europe will also head into the skies so the campaign has been re-ignited to remind us that irresponsible passenger behaviour can exist at any time with Christmas being no exception.

The drone incident at Gatwick has already disrupted over 200,000 people and not just those at Gatwick for those using the airport as a hub to transfer to other domestic or overseas destinations have also been affected.

Passengers would prefer no more disruption. Let them enjoy the Christmas holidays peacefully and without hassle. That means that those few who drink as soon as they hit the airports should think twice before considering that extra drink.

This Sunday (23rd of December) over 910,000 people will arrive or depart on 5,400 flights.  Just as a drone disrupted so many people one drunken passenger can affect hundreds as the cabin crew try to contain their misbehaviour. In the worst case a plane may be diverted to hand the culprit over to the authorities and that will affect that plane’s schedule for the rest of the day. Not one planeload of passengers will be affected but many.

Passengers who are judged unruly by a flight crew could be denied boarding, face fines of up to £80,000, or jail for serious disruptive incidents.  A culprit could be successfully sued for a contribution to the airline’s costs as happened recently.

I don’t want to over emphasise the scale of the problem because the number of offenders is small. But it was growing. The hope is, and will be, that the One Too Many campaign will make people act responsibly this Christmas and at all times when they fly. Just as drivers are told “Don’t drink and drive,” airline passengers are being told that moderation will make them enjoy Christmas as well as that for other passengers.

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