Packing presents for a flight

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you might be made to unpack presents

Should you or should you not wrap Christmas presents if you are flying out of the country?

Manchester Airport says security officials confiscated more items at Christmas than at any other time of year because passengers unwittingly try to take prohibited items in to the cabin.

Many popular stocking fillers – such as snow globes – breach security regulations, typically because they contain liquids, and passengers may be asked to leave items behind if they are not compliant, it said.

In particular, it said passengers should check with their airline to see if they can carry Christmas crackers onboard, and also to check if they could carry things like condiments and perfume.

When it comes to what you can and can’t pack in your hand luggage, the rules are exactly the same at Christmas as they are for the rest of the year, the airport says.

But some airports check you hold luggage when you arrive – Australian airports for example – and you could be asked to open them.

If you are hubbing at an airport and flying on elsewhere the hub airport will often do a security check for transit passengers and you will need to put hand baggage through a scanner. Having bought a bottle of port in the duty free in this country for Uncle Fred, remember that the transit airport will confiscate it because it exceeds the liquids allowance for hand baggage.

Even some hold luggage may cause problems. Don’t even think of buying toy guns for your budding cowboy nephews and nieces. That will be confiscated and you will face the consequences.

Do think carefully about the toys you have bought and remember that what one airport or airline might allow, another may not.

It is probably best to just pack the presents and wrap them when you arrive at the destination having first made a list of who gets what!

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