Holidays in the EU will cost us €7 every three years

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Malaga. Travelling to EU countries for a holiday every year after BREXIT should only cost €2.33 a year for the new travel document – ETIAS

The EU has said that British citizens won’t need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit. What they will need is something called an ETIAS which will cost €7 every three years meaning that an annual holiday in the EU every year will cost us just €2.33.

The actual price you pay will depend on how the pound is faring against the euro. It may vary between about £6-£7 but probably not outside that range

When you consider €7, that is not going to deter any one from holidaying in any of our favoured holiday spots like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy or Croatia. What might be a bit more off-putting is the fact that we don’t yet know how passport staff will vet our passports as we enter to and from Europe. They will have to check that we have an ETIAS so that might slow the queues going through passport control.

An ETIAS  document – European Travel Information and Authorisation System –  will be an online application and document that British citizens will need to apply for after 2021. For those familiar with applying for visas to enter Australia, Turkey or the United States I assume this will be a similar thing. You will probably be required to give your name and address, whether you are male or female, your age, perhaps an address where you will be staying in the EU and your passport details. As security issues have been heightened over the last few years the EU was planning on bring in additional security measures and this will be one of them.

The good news for British citizens is regardless of whether any deal is ever done and even if there is a hard Brexit, completing an ETIAS form will be the very most that British travellers will face.

The ETIAS arrangement applies as long as the UK government doesn’t impose a more stringent visa/document entry on EU citizens wanting to come to the UK. Frankly, why would the UK government want to make it more difficult?

In the meantime and before the ETIAS system comes into force, EU citizens and UK nationals will continue to be able to travel freely between both areas with a passport or identity card.

Yesterday’s Sunday Times suggested that we would be asked not to holiday in EU countries, a comment that was promptly denied by the government but I bet this won’t be the last of the scare stories that we will have to endure.

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