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Qatar Airlines by developing an extensive network has been a driving force in growing Qatari tourism

Fifteen years ago Qatar was pretty much unknown. To the vast majority of holidaymakers I would say that is still the case.

That tourism is prospering in the Middle Eastern emirate may be largely due to its national airline.

We all know that when airlines start routes, passenger traffic grows as there are millions of people around the world who want to visit places before they become touristy. Or they like to laud it over their neighbours by having travelled to somewhere before their neighbours can!

Qatar Airlines has opened up the country much faster than many other countries have managed because it has been so aggressive in opening new routes. For example, in the UK it has meant that some regional airports have direct links to the Qatari capital, Doha, and from there can fly to dozens and dozens of other destinations in Asia, Australasia and Africa.

Qatar positions itself as a winter sun destination – an alternative to Dubai, Oman and Sharjah, all of which have a flying time of just under seven hours making them closer than the Caribbean or Florida but slightly further away than the Canaries. With a time difference of only three hours, Qatar won’t impose too much time jet lag on you unlike the Caribbean and Florida.

Angry Birds World opened in the early summer of 2018

This year it added a new attraction which although, primarily for children, appeals to many adults as well. Angry Birds World opened in Doha’s largest shopping mall and features more than twenty rides and associated features linked to the successful film. Saying that it is in a shopping mall might suggest it could be small but the mall is 17,000 square metres which is a substantial size.

In the first few months of next year the National Museum of Qatar opens and which continues the tradition of eye-opening architecture that the Middle East seems to be offering the rest of the world at the moment. Designed with interlocking discs (like a desert rose for those of you that have seen them on holidays in North Africa) the museum is designed to chronicle the life of Qataris be they desert or coastal people. There will be a good deal more publicity when the museum opens.

Many will know Qatar as the location for the next football world cup in 2022 but before then, the World Athletic Games will be held there next year. Catering for those short on time but adventurous in travel, the new golf course that opens next spring will also have a six-hole course as well as a driving range where your shot will be monitored by radar. The putting green may be an acquired taste. It has a moving floor to simulate slopes and I think that take some getting used to. Still, until you try these things…

And the same applies to the whole of Qatar. Until you sample it how do you know you’ll like it?

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