Why do hotel guests steal?

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the Kandima resort in the Maldives

From just one resort in the Maldives, Kandima comes a story about what their guests got up to during their stays this year. Some of it doesn’t make pleasant reading.

As background, Kandima is a three kilometre, 272 room beach resort claimed to be stylish (which it will be being on the Maldives) and suiting everyone from honeymooners to families.  A stay there isn’t inexpensive which gives you an idea of what sort of profile the guests might be like.

It has just released some fun statistics about their gustes under the heading, “Our Ki’nd People.” During that time, 37,875 cocktails were drunk by the 24,152 guests that have stayed there since the resort opened in March 2017.  This e same guests have chomped their way through 3 tonnes or 5,956 lobsters n any of the ten restaurants the resort has and been calmed by experiencing 5,690 massages.

But those same guests have filched 302 towels, 26 bathrobes and 36 TV remotes.


What possesses people to think that they can take anything they please? Over the years other hotels have reported that bigger things have disappeared like televisions and even safes. Don’t guests realise they can be caught? The hotels and resorts know who stayed in which room. If a guest finds something missing on arrival they should report it. But sometimes you don’t know that a hotel room comes with, for example, bath robes.

Do guests consider anything provided to be part of the holiday and reckon that they have paid for it and can consider it theirs? Why even consider remotes when the chances are that they won’t work with other brands or elsewhere?

Just as airlines and airports are becoming tougher on the disruptive behaviour of passengers should the hospitality industry adopt a similar policy.

The resort doesn’t say whether guests were prosecuted or pursued for the return of the items. If not it suggests that Kadima – and probably most resorts and hotels – accept the thefts as one of the issues in running a hospitality business. In that case they also probably factor losses into their room pricing so all of us ending up paying in the long run.

What we don’t know is whether guests actually stole these items or whether they just “walked.” That we will probably never know.

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