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Aerial view of Valletta where a number of film locations can be found

The island has created a new film trail to capitalise on the country’s increasingly scenic locations.

The capital city, Valletta, has been used for the recent Kenneth Branagh version of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and Gladiator. Game of Thrones, during series one, used inland villages for a number of scenes as well as the country’s first capital city, Mdina, for the farewell scene between Catelyn and Ned Stark.

The island of Gozo was used as the setting of the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie film, By the Sea some four years ago and the water tank on the south-eastern side of the island was used in Captain Phillips. At the other side of the island in the very north-west, was a location used in the old Robin Williams film Popeye.

At the south entrance to the Grand Harbour in Valletta is Fort Riscoli. Although in a decaying condition it is ideal for certain scenes and was used both in Gladiator and Troy. You could argue that if it better maintained it wouldn’t be of as much interest to filmmakers and television companies!

That Malta is launching its film trail now comes near the end of a momentous year for the island because it had been one of the two European Capitals of Culture this year.

In all there are over twenty different locations identified on the map, the majority being on Malta but Gozo hosts three. The bulk of them are near Valletta so for those people who don’t want to undertake the whole trail you could do a much more limited trek just within a few miles and still see over a third of all the sites on the trail.

Most of the people holidaying in Malta will be visiting for the beaches, the water-sports, the festivals (there are over 400 each year) and the historic heritage surrounding the fortresses, megalithic tombs and temples. With the film trail another type of heritage will be more widely known to visitors.

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