Athens as a year-round destination

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the Akropolis in Athens. It is one of many places in Athens open all year round

Recently, private and public organisations have come together in the Greek capital to create a new marketing combine to promote the city.

Called Athens & Partners, it will focus on upgrading city features such as improving public spaces and offering services for both local and overseas visitors.

Although launched in Athens a week or so ago, it was at the World Travel Market that we learned more of the plans. The new organisation wants more lighting and a big push in Stadiou – an area that used to attract shoppers – but which suffered declines over the past few years. It wants to encourage people to re-open some of the places that closed during the peak austerity periods and adding more greenery in the city centre.

And it wants more people to stay in the capital if they are just using it as a gateway before travelling on to the islands or other Greek destinations.

Anybody who been to Athens knows that – like many cities – graffiti is both an eyesore and it lowers the prestige of a destination in the eyes of visitors. There will be a concerted effort to remove as much graffiti as possible over the next few years making the city appear cleaner and more modern.

In just over a year’s time in 2020, there will be a heavily supported programme of culture and entertainment in the city and the new combine will be promoting the events heavily. The round-the-world- promotion is planned to make people think of Athens as a place to visit at any time of the year because there will always be something happening.

To entice us to travel to the capital next year it has been announced that a new museum, the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation, will open its doors in 2019 in the centre of Athens, just one hundred metres from Zappeion and the Panathenaic Stadium. Housed in an eleven-floor building (five below and six above ground) the centre will exhibit rare art works as well as diverse cultural activities to contribute to the cultural advance of Greece.

The Athens museum is a new extension to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros, which was the birthplace of Basil Goulandris and has been open since 1979.

To top it all off, yesterday Athens was named as the EU Capital of Innovation 2018.

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