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I watched X Factor last Saturday night. Actually that isn’t quite true. Unlike my normal activity of tuning adverts out I wanted to see the new TUI advert that announced the second stage of their branding campaign so it was the ad rather than the programme that I watched!

Readers will remember that once there was a tour operator called Thomson which grew and grew to become the biggest in the land.  Then someone in the organisation decided to change the Thomson to become TUI. That was last year.

This year they want to hammer home the new name in the hope that we will forget they ever were Thomson, not that I suppose it matters much as long as we continue to buy and book holidays with them.

This year, TUI says, they want to concentrate on “’big feelings’ that are unleashed on holiday. As we (TUI) move into year two as TUI UK, we now want to build emotional connections and bring to life the big feelings we create for our guests.”

I am none too sure what that means but as I said, as long as we get our holidays from them the numbers people will be happy.

I watched the ad which revolved around a mother and typical stroppy teenage daughter as they unwind and spend time together in the Turkish resort of Dalman – not that that matters either. The singing and dancing theme is there as the mother and daughter bond. Is it any better than the ads from last year? No.

It is supposed to represent a new family structure. Single parent families but it just came across as the sort of holiday ad that could be from any other tour operator. What makes TUI different? That was shown to us.

Overall it doesn’t come across as modern and could have been used as part of a Thomson campaign of a couple of decades ago when all TUI had to worry about was Airtours (remember them?) and Thomas Cook

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