Flight disruptions

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It hasn’t been a good year if you have been flying. It has been even worse of you have been a regular flyer.

If you have managed to fly thus year and not been delayed then you are one of the lucky ones. And I confess that, so far, I have been lucky because none of my domestic or international flights has been anything but either on-time or was just a few minutes late.

Most of us do have reasonably punctual flights but, this year, over 175,000 have been delayed or cancelled so far in 2018, almost 26,000 more than last year, according to flight delay claims company AirHelp.

Delays occur for any number of reasons, some of which are due to the airline and some of which are due to issues outside their control. But what is within their control? The courts seem to be of the view that many strikes could have been foreseen by an airline and that you can claim compensation under EU261. IT problems are also an issue with the courts saying that the airlines could have avoided some problems by better maintenance and checking.

Given the flexibility of the courts to tend to side with the customer it is surprising that there is still reluctance on behalf of many airline passengers to make a claim.

Traditionally, the main reasons given for not pursuing a claim for compensation are not being bothered to do so and being put-off by the claims process. Some don’t think that the compensation is justified because they believe the delay is due to an Act of God such as a a plane “going tech.” Even after the courts have ruled that airlines can foresee technical issues many passengers disagree and compare the issue with their own motoring experience when their own car breaks down. They conclude that some things just can’t be foreseen.

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