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easyJet has launched a new addition to its app.

Nothing new about that you might think; there seem to be updated airline apps almost every other day.

This one is a bit different.

Using images – Instagram photos it suggests –  it allows you to book a flight. You don’t necessarily need to know the destination or which country it is in. You just take a screengrab of the image and upload it to the easyJet app in a section called Look&Book. The app uses advanced image recognition techniques to identify the location to match the photo to easyJet’s 1000-strong destinations. The new app feature not only recognises the destination, but also suggests the nearest airport and pre-populates the booking form with those details.

Obviously on Instagram there are tens of thousands of images of places if not millions so you might pick a place to which the airline doesn’t fly. Not wanting to lose a potential sale, the app will recommend a similar destination based on the type of trip, for example an alternative beach or city served by the airline.

Theoretically though, you don’t need to be restricted to Instagram. easyJet says, “We recommend using Instagram screenshots for the best results.”

When you open the easyJet app it now asks for access to your own photos, presumably to see if flight routes match any of the images you have stored or uploaded from Instagram or wherever and to produce recommendations.

How good is it?

It didn’t match either of the images I uploaded for the purpose but then I was rather careful in image selection. Secondly I don’t see why it should access all the images I have. Do I really want the airline to have pictures of family and friends?

This feature could also be quite useful to the airline. capturing the images you say you might like to visit could help on route development for the future. Having found enough people to make a city pair viable the airline could then go back in and because it offer it to just those who listed the destination as a place to visit!

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