Why are Norwich residents the most unadventurous?

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Are the good people of Norwich unadventurous or just sensible?

I pose the question because research commissioned by On The Go Tours suggests that none of the Norwich respondents having done skydiving, and 70% said they never would. They also have also never gone shark cage diving and 80% said that they never would. Liverpool responders also are an unadventurous bunch as well with none of them claiming that they have done shark cage diving either and 71% stating they never would.


Personally I think that rather suggests that the people of Norwich and Liverpool are rather sensible. It probably means that they have much more interesting things to occupy their holidays rather than stare at the fangs of a Great White or even a Port Jackson shark that wouldn’t harm a fly!


If Norwich and Liverpool provide the more cautious where do you find the adventurous or, to put it another way, those that need to catch the odd adrenalin race in order to justify their holiday? The answer is in London. They seem to be the most adventurous followed by people from Bristol, Belfast, Brighton and Birmingham. Edinburgh comes in at sixth followed by Plymouth, Southampton, Newcastle and Leeds. No Welsh city made the top ten so read into that what you will.


But why these ten? Could it be because there is a greater percentage of younger people living in them? Is it that they are all university cities? Is it because they are gregarious cities containing multi-national elements? I don’t know the answer and On The Go Tours haven’t provided it.


The research sample is only 2,000 which may not be enough to really answer the question about where the most adventurous – or, indeed, unadventurous people really are.

When the same 2,000 are asked they opt for New Zealand as their top dream destination. Without wishing to denigrate the country, delightful as it is and a very attraction destination for holidaymakers, is New Zealand really the destination over all others for adventurous people? Looking at regional votes in the UK only three countries came top the others being Australia and the USA. You might have though it could be Brazil or South Africa, Vietnam or Kenya, Nepal or Mongolia.


I think the reason is that the word “adventurous” is being used in the sports sense rather than the sense of exploration or going somewhere unusual.

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