Another great getaway

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Time for a trip to Tenerife?

For overseas travellers this weekend, Tenerife will probably prove to be the most popular destination. If not it will be somewhere else in Spain.

Tomorrow the final Great Getaway of the year begins. That is until the Great Christmas one!

(Have you noticed  that all bank holidays have “Great Getways” rather than just “getaways?”

Motorways and other roads will start getting busy from lunchtime onwards as people get away for the bank holiday weekend and the chance to get a little sunshine before the nights start to draw in.

Most of us will stay in the UK and that means,according to the RAC,about 14 million of us will be on the roads.  The AA says 15 million. As London and the south east is heavily populated roads around and away from London get very busy.

This year the travel on some roads will be worse than usual because many roadworks will remain in place. Anyone who has driven in the twenty mile mess on the M23 back from Gatwick to London will know what delays can mean! The M25 will be its usual carpark self and the M42  and M62 won’t be much better. The Severn Bridges, the M$/M5 interchange will be places to avoid but if you’re driving to or from Devon and Cornwall it is hard to do so. Travelling at 2am might be an option or using another form of transport.

That won’t necessarily help because so many rail routes will have engineering works on them. All GWR trains into Devon and Cornwall will be affected by engineering works up until next Thursday (after this it will be just weekends and some days in early October) and there will be fewer trains between Manchester, Wigan and Preston but only for Northern Line passengers.

Euston will be completely closed from Saturday until Monday evening with Virgin Trains beginning at Milton Keynes.

Needless to say roads to airports will be busy and you can guess which will be the busiest.  Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted will have their busiest days both outward and inward over the weekend.

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