The world’s greatest event was nearly cancelled

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Llanwrtyd Wells

Bog Snorkelling at Llanwrtyd Wells at a time when water was not a problem

A calamitous situation has nearly occurred. With the famed world bog snorkelling championships due to be held as part of the World Alternative Games this coming weekend  there was a thought that it might have to be cancelled due to a lack of water in the especially cut course.

This major highlight of the annual sporting scene which ranges as important as the Olympic Games, the World Cup in football and Ashes tests against Australia would have saddened many people if it had been cancelled.

It would rank as despairing as when the Henley on Todd Regatta in the Australian town of Alice Springs had to be cancelled in 1993 due to water in the river bed. It is just far too difficult to run up the river bed in your boat when there is water in the river. Thankfully, the regatta, held last weekend, had no such watery problems and was adjudged a success!

How can you bog snorkel with no bog – just dry ground? You can feel the sadness the organisers would have felt if bog-snorkelling was possible. They couldn’t cry enough tears to half fill the bog trenches let alone to the level where it could be safely used. And we must heed health and safety regulations where such a severe test of a human’s sporting prowess is required.

Luckily there has been rain. The cracked dry dusty surface in the trenches has been dampened down and sufficient rain water is there for snorkellers to safely swim/crawl/propel themselves through the bog to stand a chance of claiming the championship title. The might even be lucky enough to beat the existing record of 1 minute 22.56 seconds set by Kirsty Johnson in 2014. Not even Usain Bolt is as fast as that!

Hundreds – if not more – will turn up this Sunday in Llanwrtyd Wells will turn up to saviour the excitement of one of the greatest events in the world. And spectators can rest assured. They will see a race and not just a dried out trench and tearful organisers!

And perhaps the winners could be invited to participate in the Henley-on-Todd Regatta and vice versa thus linking two of the world’s greatest sporting events.

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