Dodgy Aussie dollars

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the fake $50 note. Image © Australian Federal Police

If you are holidaying this August in the Australian capital of Canberra be aware that there is some counterfeit fifty dollar notes floating around.

The Australian Federal Police has issued a note waring businesses about the fake notes and urging people to be careful and, if they receive a note or two to minimally handle them so that any fingerprint of other evidence is not compromised.

Usually when fake currency notes appear, you need an expert to spot the mistakes. Crooks go to great lengths to obtain the right paper, the right size and inks as well as be careful about any watermarks, metallic strips and whatever else countries use to try and deter criminal gangs.

In the case of these $50 notes, even the dopiest person should be able to spot the fakes from the real ones. Allow me to point out what you should look for. If you see Chinese characters in white and blue underneath where “50” appears, printed on paper and with no serial numbers then it is a fake.

I kid you not. There are Chinese characters on the note and they also don’t have any serial numbers. The thought is that they were used for training purposes as were some that popped up in Australia a few years ago. The other thing about them is they are printed on paper unlike genuine notes which are printed on plastic like our fivers and tenners so wouldn’t that immediately make you be suspicious?

Someone has obviously thought they could pass them off as genuine ones. That either takes a great deal of gall, self-confidence or brazen stupidity. But what of the businesses that accepted them?

Obviously they don’t look very hard at these popular notes which are widely used to buy any and everything. They couldn’t have even have felt them properly otherwise they would have realised this was fake money. There must be some red faces around Canberra

It reminds me of the quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln – you can fool some of the people…

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