It’s too hot to holiday in southern Europe

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Can it be true?

Are Britons – a majority of which are normally sun-lovers – not holidaying in Spain, Portugal and Italy because it is too hot?

Tour operators are saying that late-bookings are not happening in the numbers that they were expecting. To check this out I visited the three travel agents that we have in my nearest town to see how busy they were.

They certainly weren’t rushed off their feet.

One hadn’t made a sale that day; the other two had done better but for holidays this coming winter. From this unsophisticated survey it does look as though people had either booked and gone or were staying in the UK.  But did the travel agents expect more bookings? Living in Pembrokeshire, the county always has fewer people who holiday abroad anyway the argument being that with sandy beaches, cliffs, the environment (it will be the beginning of the seal pupping season soon) a wildlife centre, castles and history why would people want to go abroad. The B&B’s are doing well enough that signs are out saying that there are no vacancies on some of them. It is August so isn’t that usual?

Next week there will be the county show – the biggest in Wales – which will draw more than a hundred thousand people here. Therealso seem to be more tourists around than I remember there being last year.

But is it due to excessive heat abroad or just good hot weather here?

Surely many of those that book holidays in southern Spain and the Algarve are wanting and expecting heat? To them it will just be a bit warmer. The fact that they might not go because it is hotter than they might expect seems an argument in waiting for some tour operators to have a reason for explaining away why their profits aren’t good.

The chances are that we will never find out the real reason but the weather is supposedly about to change. Another week – just as my village festival starts and cooler temperatures are forecast so maybe there will be some last minute booking but not as much as tour operators might like.

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