How much of your holiday do you enjoy?

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Is the holidaymaker checking e-mails instead of relaxing? © Dan Sperrin

According to a new study from Teletext Holidays, in a typical fortnight’s holiday, most of us get just nine days of relaxation and enjoyment out of the fourteen.

Apparently “experts” say that we don’t relax until about two days into the holiday and start getting unrelaxed about three days before we return home. Do we really waste up to five days of our break not enjoying ourselves?

The study says that 40% of adults check e-mails and ring the office whilst they are away and 5% of us check our e-mails as the first thing we do in the morning when we wake up!

This doesn’t pertain to me as I have been so deluged with e-mails over the years that I now don’t look at them on at least one day of the working week and again on Saturdays. Otherwise I would get no proper work done and I certainly don’t look at them as soon as I wake up. As for ringing the office, that suggests the study is skewed to those who work in offices. If it isn’t then office workers overwhelmingly can’t let go and that is worrying from a health issue. Even forty years ago, I was encouraged to take at least a fortnight off at one go in order to properly have a break.

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Is this person checking with the office?

Some companies even made it compulsory then. Today it may have altered as I haven’t worked in an office for fifteen years.

But why do people check their e-mails – the study says some of us look at e-mails up to six times a day –  when the study suggests that only about 10% expect that our bosses want us to carry on working? Apparently 27% of us believe that no-one else can do our work, and 30% think we cannot leave our work to others. Doesn’t this just suggest that between 27% and 30% feel insecure?

Some, however are workaholics and couldn’t stop working even if we were strapped down for the holiday fortnight. In pre-mobile phone days, my wife once booked a holiday villa where the nearest phone was a mile away. That stopped me working whilst I was away.

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