Lidl is just too depressing

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holidays should be a break. Constant reminders of going back are depressing

Each year just before the summer school holidays begin in England and Wales, ABTA sends out information about the most popular overseas holiday destinations.

In truth it rarely changes. Spain is always the number one destination. The media and the mortoring organisations tell us that the M5/M4 interchange, the A303, the M42, the M62 and the M69 will be parking lots as the great getaway begins and we all drive at the same time. Airports are said to be busier than ever and we are urged to allow more time to get through the queues.

Then, as night follows day, a retailer announces that they have a “Back to School” campaign with discount bargains on school uniforms and all those other necessities that returning students need.

The year, Lidl is the retailer that his hit the blocks early by promoting its sale on back to school wear began a day before schools broke up!

This use to annoy me when I went to school. There was I, looking forward to a summer break only to be reminded a few weeks before the end of the holidays about uniforms and other school items. If it riled my normally placid temperament (OK, I ner really had one of those) all those years ago imagine how many students must feel now, Throughout all the summer holidays they are bound to see adverts urging their parents to buy now for something that is about weeks and weeks away. Any school student enjoyment of holidays must surely be reduced by this blatant attack on their fun and contentment about not having to face lessons for a while.

Holidays are supposed to be just that – a break from the day-to-day rigours of life. Doctors recommend that adults have a reasonably long break from work – the recommendation is a fortnight – so why doesn’t it apply to school children? Reminding them of what to come is not just being a killjoy, it is depressing and takes some of the fun out of that sacredc summer holiday period.

Let’s have a campaign to ban adverts about returning to school until at least half way through the holidays.

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