Strikes galore!

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Air France has faced strike actions since the year began…

Strikes in France and Italy on Friday and the weekend continue a long series of disruption that travellers have had to put up with for months. It seems that much of this year has been a plot to make us foego holidays abroad and stay in the UK. that is provided you didn’t need to travel on Govia’s rail services.

Air France, Lufthansa, SNCF in France, air traffic controllers in Spain and Italy and now it looks as though we will be faced with Ryanair strike action – at least for Ireland based pilots – as well.

In Italy it is a national strike that is scheduled for Friday so flights, air traffic control and rail will be affected – just in time for a weekend break. Another is planned for the 21st of July.

In France, rail strikes at SNCF and strikes amongst Air France staff have made travelling to and from France challenging at times this year.  Train travel will be disrupted on the 6th and 7th of this month just in time for the summer holiday period but it does seem that fewer and fewer staff are otping for strike action.

In Belgium, rail workers will strike from Tuesday 10 July to Thursday 12 July and train drivers may strike from the 12-14 July giving travellers four days of misery. Last time there was a rail strike a few weeks ago about 50% of train services were cancelled.

…as has Lufthansa.

And on the 9th of July, Croatia Airlines staff will strike.

In Ireland, Ryanair pilots are planning a strike on the 12th of July. Whilst this will only be amongst pilots based in Ireland it will surely affect crew based elsewhere as knock-on effects will occur.

Given that strikes seem to have happened almost every month since the start of the year, it almost puts you off going abroad. But then why should you given the weather we have been having? No wonder the combination of weather and strikes (well, maybe not strikes) is making this summer look like a bonanza for staycations!

Although official data is not yet available, many resorts such as Tenby and Margate have told Just About Travel that they are pleased with holiday numbers since the May bank holidays. The weather looks to be in the mid-twenties for many of us until the middle of July so maybe this summer will be one to compete with the Great, Hot  Summer of 1976!

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