Is this the time to holiday in Dubai?

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Dubai – British visitor numbers are doing what? Rising or falling as Virgin leave the market

Virgin Atlantic will cease flying to Dubai as from the end of March next year. Why?

It says it is pulling out for commercial reasons; the route is not economically viable.

This follows on from a number of reports that suggest there is a business downturn in Dubai. Construction contracts seem to have declined and visitors say that there seem to be fewer shoppers and visitors around. Yet I don’t hear that Virgin flights aren’t pretty full so is there another reason?

If there is a downturn in Dubai then expect to see some bargain offers for three, five or even seven day breaks in the city but there haven’t been any yet. Royal Brunei have pulled out as have Qantas leaving BA and Emirates with the route. This could be the time to holiday there if there is so much availability. With plenty of hotels, shopping opportunities and attractions it is fine for a quick break.

For those of you who have a booked either a holiday or a flight to Dubai for after 31st of March you should be contacted shortly about making the alternative arrangements that Virgin plans to make. If you haven’t heard from them in about a week contact them .

If no sales or offers appear then it could be just that Virgin wants the slot at Heathrow for another purpose that it can see is more profitable than the Dubai route. But the airline hasn’t shown too much commercial acumen over the last few years with decisions to fly to Detroit and then pulling out after about a year. It ended flights to Tokyo a few years ago and seems to be concentrating on flights to the US making some people wondering whether this is because the US airline Delta controls 49% of the airline.


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