Filipino Food Festival

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Pok Belly Sinugba
© Philippine Airlines

Today is the 120th anniversary of the Philippines gaining independence from Spain.

Whilst there will be celebrations throughout the country a little bit of those celebrations will be held in London.

To publicise the tourism opportunities and to introduce us to Filipino food, since the beginning of June, London has seen twenty restaurants, supper-clubs, pop-ups, food stalls and chefs taking part in the first ever Filipino Food Festival in London.

It began a week ago and introduced us to some of the cultural elements which have infused Filipino cuisine such as Indian, Malay, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Pacific Islander and American influences. Yes Filipino dishes are available but like most countries, it has adapted overseas cuisines to fit the Filipino palate.

The festival has been put together by the national carrier, Philippine Airlines rather than the tourist board so you can imagine that there is a free flight connected to the event. Apart from cheaper fares than normal to the country, if you sign up to receive the airline’s newsletter you could win a pair of free flights to the capital city, Manila.

For a list of the offers ( which vary from a free bottle of wine to a set-priced menu) go the website .

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