The Shoshone Falls

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the Shoshone Falls

Idaho doesn’t call itself the natural beauty state, rather it is the gem state but both phrases refer to the outdoors. And it is the outdoors that typifies the state.

You might also call this Pacific north west state the forgotten state when it comes to British holidaymakers because not that many people think of holidaying there. For a start there are no direct flights; you would have to change in Chicago or Portland in Oregon, those two cities probably being the most convenient. From either you could get direct flights to the main city – Boise – from where a hire car is the best option. And that gives you the freedom to roam though the state’s forests, (about two fifths of the state is covered by forest) parks, lakes and rivers.

In winter cross country skiing is popular and downhill on the mountains yet parts of the state have become a retirement magnet as it has mild winters in places like Lewiston. In summer, trekking, walking, white water rafting and fishing apeal to visitors and locals but be warned; it can be hot with temperatures in the high twenties. Given those seeking an outdoors or a walking holiday in some seasons and skiing in winter you would have thought that the state would have more appeal to UK holidaymakers.

If you were to travel there in now or throughout spring there are a number of things to enjoy. At Shoshone Falls for three days (May 17th-19th) the falls will be illuminated by hundreds of powerful lights and lasers which are synchronized to music. The nearest city is Twin Falls which is about a two hour drive from Boise. In the daytime the falls are a popular destination as they are higher than Niagara Falls, for example, and as wide as 900 feet. The land surrounding the falls is a park – one of 27 in the state -so hasn’t been built upon unlike some commercial areas.

Visiting Shoshone Falls now (the name gives away the native American heritage in the area) is a good time because the flow of water over the falls is the highest after the winter snows begin to melt. During this winter past, there was less snow than average but even then,  of the falls makes spectacular viewing.

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