Avoiding airport delays

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flight delays

Bad weather can delay travellers but just the size and business of some airports can delay you some of the time.

One of the things that infuriates is late flights. By and large, I don’t mind the flight being a few minutes late of even half an hour. But knowing that some airports tend to always have late flights makes me look at alternative airports.

For the US, AirHelp has analysed which of the biggest ten airports has the most delays in 2017. Newark in New Jersey, one of the three airports serving New York is the worst with almost three in every ten flights departing late. JFK – the other main international airport for New York wasn’t far behind as was San Francisco International. As anyone who has tried to fly out of (or in to) JFK, Newark or La Guardia (New York’s third airport is primarily for domestic flights) on a Friday or Sunday afternoon, the chances of an on-time take-off or landing are not great

But even the most punctual of the ten, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport: still had 19% of flights leaving late.

Is there a solution?

In some places there is because the newer entrants to the transatlantic market sometimes opt for smaller airports where there is less congestion. So have you considered alternative airports?

You might not think of Philadelphia for a visit to New York but the train journey to New York will often get you there faster than the journey from JFK into downtown Manhattan. Although there are fewer flights to Philadelphia, usually the fares are about the same and it seems quicker to me getting through customs.

You could opt to fly from Dublin and go through US clearance procedures there instead of places in the US. And, at a ate in the future you might be able to avoud those same queues by using particular British airports which will also allow pre-clearnce. Heathrow and manchester are the likely first two to become part of the scheme.

Or you could fly into one of the less busy airports like Raleigh-Durham, Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte or Minneapolis-St Paul, the latter holding my personal record of taking just eleven minutes to get from walking off the plane, going through passport control and baggage reclaim to reaching the complimentary hotel shuttle bus area. I have to confess though that I only had hand baggage which makes life so much easier!

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