More time is spent planning than holidaying

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Do we spend as much time planning as we used to do 30 years ago?

New research from American Express suggests that we are a nation of organised adventurers, spending more time planning our holiday than actually being away from home.

The company claims that we spend an average of nine days planning but are most likely to take a holiday lasting only a week.  The research also suggests that longer planning times don’t necessarily make holidays necessarily cheaper and it is often the impulsive holidaymakers that bag the best bargains.

But what is wrong with spending so much time planning a holiday? Isn’t that part of the fun and a necessary part of the holiday cycle? Poring over holiday possibilities either online, through the weekend newspapers or even in travel agencies helps raise the excitement. You begin to make lists of where you want to do. You make mental notes or handwritten ones of restaurants you might like to eat at, places that are a must see and even areas that aren’t that appealing but which you might visit if there is enough time.

Dreaming and considering where to go, particularly if it is a long haul holiday or a very expensive one can take much longer than nine days to plan.

Even if you go back to the same place that you know quite well, things will have changed. There will be places that you want to see again but new ones as well. You might want a car hire this time or to change from one car hire firm due to the less than wonderful service you got previously. You might want a particular week or want to shop around to see which tour operator – or the hotel itself – gives the best deal. There is any number of reasons as to why it might take longer; money to order, passports to check that sufficient time still exists before they expire; travel insurance to buy or query to see if that underwater cave exploration you plan is covered and even letters from your doctor to explain the bagful of medecines you are taking.

It might be a surprise that it takes nine days to American Express but probably not to most of us!

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