The loneliest road in America

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Route 50 in Nevada. Mile after mile of nothing until you really start looking

According to the tourist officials in Nevada, Route 50 is the loneliest road in the USA and they want you to visit it. But why would you want to visit a road that stretches for 287 miles if it’s the loneliest? That’s the equivalent of driving from Glasgow to Cheltenham without seeing a single village, town or city let alone a human being.

The reason they want you to visit is based on a piece of ABTA research that they have found which says that 27% of Britons are looking to visit ‘alternative destinations’ in 2018- whatever an alternative destination is. I suppose it means somewhere that tourists don’t ordinarily go to and if Route 50 is really the loneliest road in America then they certainly aren’t going there!

Foregoing Nevada’s greatest tourist attraction – Las Vegas – Nevada is promoting its off-the-beaten-track experiences; the places about as unlike Las Vegas as it is possible to be. But because the UK has direct flights to Las Vegas from Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Manchester and Stansted, combining the delights of Las Vegas with an exploration of the state’s lesser known attractions would make an ideal twin-centre holiday.

If there is nothing to be seen do on Route 50 (isn’t that the destination of lonely?) then why visit? Because driving through desert landscapes provides a different perspective. For a start the landscape does change as I found out a few years ago when I drove through the Mojave desert. Deserts can have an astonishing array of different landscape colours. You come across old, abandoned settlements where the harsh conditions caused death or for people to give up and return to whence they came. If you are lucky you see a different group of birds and animals than you would see in more urban areas.

the shoe tree

And there are other things to see other than this route. For example, there is the Great Basin National Park that has eighteen separate mountain ranges or the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area with 10,000-year-old rock carvings. If you want something a little more unusual try visiting the town of Middlegate with its Show Tree. Previous visitors have left shoes to join the others hung there.

You might even find the mate to the one you threw away in disgust after you lost at poker on a previous trip to the casinos of Las Vegas!

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