Forget Sharm; head to Hurghada

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El Gouna- one of the areas now being promoted instead of Sharm

That, in essence, is the new tourism angle being promoted by the Egyptian State Tourist Authority.


Because it seems they have given up any hope in the near future of persuading the British government to lift the ban on travelling to Sharm. It has been almost thirty months since the crash of a Russian plane returning with holidaymakers from Sharm El Sheikh. A number of countries imposed a ban on flights there but they have all been lifted. Except that imposed by the British government.

It makes sense then for the Egyptians to entice us to similar sand/sea destinations in their country rather than complain and possibly lose visitors who might give Egypt a miss.

So Hurghada is the main subject of a new campaign and the head of the tourist authority in the UK, Amr El Ezabi, admits that it is something they should have done immediately after the ban on Sharm. He also announced that Luxor, Cairo and the Nile will feature as part of the campaign but overwhelmingly it will be about Hurghada.
The campaign will focus on the sun and sea destination with all its its different bays covering an area that spreads 400kilometres from El Gouna to Marsa Alam. With Soma Bay providing a more luxury feel to El Gouna for three- to five-star hotels and Makadi Bay for younger travellers the area has accommodation for all tastes. And Hurghada provides a city break opportunity for those who want a twin centre holiday.

The focus on Hurghada still doesn’t answer the question as to why the British government still bans flights to Sharm. After the change of direction by the Egyptians, I looked at the travel advisory notice issued by the UK Foreign Office and nothing has changed about travelling to Sharm. It only warns about avoiding crowds during the upcoming election.

Last year the advisory website said that 319,000 Britons visited Egypt. Prior to 2015, that figure was considerably higher. Isn’t about time the British government told us why it still thinks we shouldn’t travel to this part of Egypt?

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