Emirates must recompense passengers

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Emirates – now it must par compensation for passengers who missed connecting flights – as

The Supreme Court in the UK has refused the airline, Emirates, to appeal a lower court decision that decided it should recompense passengers who missed flight connections. The decision clarifies the interpretation of EU 261 for similarly affected passengers.

If you catch a flight involving landing or taking off from an airport in an EU country and that plane is late reaching its destination – wherever that is in the world – and you miss a connecting flight as a result, you are entitled to claim under EU261.

The CAA had launched an action against the airline two years ago and, by this judgement, passengers who had travelled on Emirates (and any other airline in a similar position) may claim refunds for up to six years in the past. The Civil Aviation Authority will now progress its enforcement action against Emirates to ensure that it complies with the law, requiring them to amend their policies and practices and to pay claims it had incorrectly refused previously.

The CAA issued a strongly worded statement under the name of its chief executive, Andrew Haines saying, “Emirates priority should be looking after its passengers, not finding ways in which they can prevent passengers accessing their rights….”

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