British visitors in Western Australia

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Perth, Western Australia

Australia is a very attractive holiday destination for Britons for any number of reasons. There are lots of flights even from regional airports via hubs like Amsterdam and Middle East states; airline prices are lowish due to competition, Aussies speak a similar language, there is an abundance of sunshine and there are lots of different places as well as a unique wildlife to explore.

Overall, international visitors increased 6% to 8.1 million; nights increased 5% to 265 million; and spend increased 6% to $41.3 billion. Visitor numbers from the UK (about 690,000 per year) were only up by 2% but spend was down by 6% probably due to the rise of the Aussie dollar against sterling. Yet the UK is one of the top five markets for Australia and, of the five, we travel the furthest.

The main destination once overseas visitors reach Australia is NSW where nearly 4.16 million visitors go. The next most appealing destination is Victoria which gets 1.2 plus fewer visitors. Western Australia gets 946,000 visitors a year of which about 15% are from the UK making the UK the largest source of overseas visitors to the state.  It is also about four and a half times as many as the next nearest European nation – Germany – sends to there. But the UK numbers are down 7% over the previous year whereas, to the rest of Australia, there was a rise of 2%. Has the appeal of the state fallen behind that of other areas of Australia in our eyes? If so, why? Perth, the capital city, is thought by some to be an expensive city, by others to be one of the prettiest. The state also has the fastest growing city in Australia – Mandurah – which is attracting more and more tourists for its outdoor life and beaches. The reason why Britons are not visiting remains a conundrum.

According to Tourism Council CEO, Evan Hall, the tourism industry had reduced prices and invested heavily in new hotels, vessels and tourism experiences making the drop harder to understand. Whilst the state tourism minister wants to entice more flights from China how will he attract Britons? Or will he wait until sterling becomes more competitive and leave it at that?

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