A day trip in Gwalior

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the hill-fort at Gwalior

India`s fastest train, the Gatimaan Express, has extended services to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, so you can now take a day trip from Delhi on a journey that takes you just 3 hours and 15 minutes.
each way. The train now runs six days a week and should boost tourism in the area. A non express train journey can take you up to ten hours!

Why go to Gwalior rather than somewhere else nearby to Delhi?

One of the main reasons that visitors travel to Gwalior is to see the hilltop fort, which is described as ‘the pearl amongst fortresses in India’ and not just by the tourist board! The fort has certainly been there for a thousand years but may pre-date that. Apart from providing panoramic views over the surrounding land it attracts visitors because of the two palaces – one of which is now a museum – caves, temples and architecture.

Another reason is that Gwalior is site of pilgrimage for Jains and Hindus.

A new attraction in the area is Madhya Pradesh’s first butterfly park, which houses 65 species opened last month in the Raisen district. There are also nearly 137 plant varieties to see. In the park.

Raisen district is already famous for two UNESCO world heritage sites; Bhimbetka Neolithic cave paintings and Sanchi Stupa.

Found just sixty years ago, the cave paintings and rock shelters are to be found in dense forests, rocky terrain and craggy cliffs, with the lofty rocks guarding them. It is no surprise then that were only accidentally found after a .n archaeologist strayed from the main track! It is thought that the cave paintings date back 15,000 years and often depict hunting or animal scenes.

The Sanchi Stupa complex of buildings goes back centuries as well with the Great Stupa being one of the oldest stone buildings in India. (A stupa is a mound containing relics) Celebrating its 30th anniversary as an UNESCO World Heritage site next year, although the site may date back centuries, it was allowed to decay until it was restored, that restoration ending in 1919 making another centenary celebration next year.

If you plan to travel on the Gatimaan Express your tour operator of hotel should be able to book tickets on your behalf. You can book tickets directly but it seems to be complicated in that you have to set up an account first.

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