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Bridge over the Bosphorus

the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul which lnks the Asian and European parts of the city

It is a fairly widespread belief that when you visit an overseas country taxi drivers may be prone to taking advantage of you.

After what happened to a Turkish taxi driver in Istanbul that may not happen so often in the future – particularly in Turkey.

According to various Turkish newspaper reports, a passenger hailed a taxi in the Kadıköy district on Istanbul’s Asian side to go to the Sabiha Gökçen Airport which is also on the Asian side

According to the prosecutor, the taxi driver took his passenger over the Bosphorus to the European side via the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, before returning to the Asian side. He then further extended the trip by taking a longer route to the airport. As a consequence, the passenger missed his flight as well as paying considerably more for his taxi ride than should be the norm.

The passenger then complained and the case went to court.

Convicted, the taxi driver now faces between three and ten years in gaol. Locals have also been subjected to this scam it seems but tourists probably bear the brunt. According to Arab News, “In November, a British tourist visiting Istanbul was defrauded after being given a 3,000 Turkish lira (about $790) receipt for a car transfer from the airport, although the distance should cost about 350 lira.”

The sentence seems fairly harsh for what is a fairly widespread scam practised worldwide. But other taxi drivers in Turkey will be deterred from the scam in future if they are faced with going to gaol for such a long time.

I am not suggesting that taxi drivers in London, New York, Paris, on the Spanish costas or even Dallas in Texas – all places where I think I have had unnecessarily taxi long journeys – should be treated in a similar manner. Actually, if I was honest, I do!


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